Earworm Interpretation Part 1

“This is the song that never ends, it will go on and on my friends…”

-Norman Martin


Earworms, the songs you get stuck in your head for what seems like forever, slowly burrowing deeper and deeper into your brain and psyche until you feel like you are on the verge of insanity. It happens to all of us. Most of the time we’ve heard the song recently but if you’re like me, you get seemingly random songs stuck in your head. When this happens, I find myself wondering why the particular tune has gotten stuck. This wondering led to thinking about dream interpretation and if earworms can be interpreted the same way. Is your subconscious trying to tell you something with these out of left field songs? I don’t feel like having a love song in your head necessarily means you are thinking about love, it could mean something different.  So one segment of this blog I want to feature is a regular interpretation of different earworms I’ve had. It will be a fun and creative exercise for me and I hope it will be entertaining for those of you reading them.

Tune in tomorrow to see how my first attempt goes.

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