My January 28th Resolution, Just Because I Can.

For the past two days I have sat at the computer looking at that taunting blinking cursor and haven’t been able to write anything I felt was worth saving or posting. Just a long series of typing sentences only to push that dreaded delete button of defeat. In order to cope with this, I’ve decided that my creativity has simply gone on vacation without telling me. Right now, it’s probably sitting beach side in the Caribbean somewhere sipping cocktails and checking on its tan. Who can blame my creativity for skipping town, it’s been a cold winter and I’ve been overworking it a tad lately trying to post something every day. It’s been interesting working on this blog, the things I’m already learning about my writing style and habits. One thing I’ve realized over the past couple of days is that I can’t push myself to create something every day. I can already feel twinges of dread when I sit down to write and that’s the last thing I want to have happen. Here we are on January 28th and I’m making a new writing resolution. I’m taking the pressure off myself to post something daily so I can focus on creating quality posts that I actually feel proud to let you all read. So, upward, onward, and forward I go, as soon as my creativity decides to come back from where ever it has gone on vacation. And it better have brought me a souvenir.

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