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Dipping My Toe into the Political Pool

Since President Trump was elected, I’ve become much more interested in politics and what we as citizens can do in response. One thing I’ve been doing is listening to political podcasts. One podcast is called “One Year Later,” and the other day I listened to an episode, that was recorded late last year, where they talked about how people have gotten out of practice when it comes to discussing politics. It got me thinking. What are the two things we are told never to discuss: religion and politics. These two subjects are divisive issues. They tend to bring fiery responses with very little fuel.  And that is what those in charge, in the United States, are counting on. Politics can be so uncomfortable to talk about that we avoid it. So, I’m pushing myself out of my comfort zone to discuss it. Starting next Sunday and every Sunday after that, I will post something political. It’s a nerve-wracking but necessary step for me to take. Now is not the time to remain silent. It is our civic duty to make sure the foundation that makes our country great remains strong and stable. And that takes discussion and civil discourse, which will be the subject of my first political post next week. And even though my attempts may be wobbly at times, it is better than not saying anything at all.

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