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The Lupinesque Wind

The lupinesque wind half wakes me.

Listening to it whirl through the peaks of my house

In that hazy place in between sleep and wake

I imagine paw prints outside my windows.

The frost on the panes is from huffing breaths.

Creating an opaque image of wise eyes

Watching over me.


This morning I woke up and heard the wind outside and I thought it might be a good blog post for today.  Laying there I started thinking about words to describe the wind: “howling,” “moaning,” “wailing,” “crying,” and so on. Deciding to push myself creatively, I chose to write a poem not using any of the expected words used to describe the wind. It took some thinking and maneuvering but then I hit on the word “howling” and that led to wolves and that was the seed I needed to germinate the poem above.

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