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I was going to write about something else today but the latest school shooting in Florida is all that I can think about. Seventeen more innocent people killed for no reason. Another murderer who got his hands on an automatic rifle and made his sadistic dream a reality. Who knows how long he had planned his killing spree or why he chose Valentine’s Day to carry it out. The question everyone is asking is why won’t the US government act? Do they have some secret quota that has to be met? Ten thousand dead first? Twenty thousand dead? How many innocent people have to have their lives cut short before the government listens to its people and acts? It boggles the mind how we have mass shootings weekly and Congress just sits there and offers up its thoughts and prayers but nothing else. No measures to curb gun sales. No measures to make automatic rifles illegal. Nothing. Now, I understand we have the Second Amendment and I feel like everyone has a right to own a gun but when the Founding Fathers wrote that amendment it took up to 30 seconds to reload a rifle. They could have never dreamed there would someday be a gun that could shoot multiple rounds per second. Something needs to change. The shooter yesterday, whose name I’m purposely not using, was known to students, teachers, even the FBI. So how was he able to get an automatic rifle? How was he able to gain ownership of a gun whose only purpose is to kill people? Something needs to change. I’ve had enough and the country as a whole has had enough. Enough with just thoughts and prayers, it’s time for action.

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