The Right Moment in Time

Hawk by Dev Leigh

Photo by Dev Leigh on Unsplash
Today I was late for a dentist appointment and driving down winding back roads trying to get to my appointment on time. Coming around a corner I realized that running late had put me in the right place at the exact right moment. I saw this beautiful hawk with its talons outstretched descending from the sky to catch its prey. I marveled at its snowy white feet and long sharp claws as they wrapped around something it had seen. Its tawny, speckled, brown wings spread wide as it glided on the breeze were breathtaking. As it rose again to land on a branch I slowed the car down, thankful there was no one behind me, and took a good look at him. The majestic beauty of this creature took my breath away. His steely eyes regarded me for a moment and he showed no fear at all. He was in total control of his environment. As I reluctantly drove away I thanked the powers that be for giving me that moment. It’s stayed with me for the rest of the day and will probably be with me for a while to come.

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