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Years Gone Bye

Today I felt really down and melancholy and surprisingly regretful. Regretful for all the years I took family Easter get-togethers for granted. I didn’t realize the value and importance of them until they didn’t happen anymore. Every year growing up it was a tradition for us all to go out to brunch or stay home and my mom would cook a big dinner for all of us.  At first, I was the only child there but then my nephews and nieces came along and made the day brighter and filled with colorful dresses and tales of the Easter Bunny and baskets and laughter. We were a family. Now we’ve all scattered to the wind and no longer get together the way we did for so long. Words can’t do justice to how much I miss it now. I wish I could have captured more moments during that time and kept them safe and sound.  Is that how it is for all families? Siblings grow up and get married and have children and move away. Traditions end without anyone realizing the last time is the last time. I wish I would have known that before. I would have savored each moment, each look, and each laugh. But we never do. We never know it is goodbye until it’s too late.

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