Random Quiz Show

I climb into bed and under the covers

And tiredly settle in.

Just as I’m almost asleep

My brain begins to spin

I take deep breaths and try to stop

My thoughts from where they want to go

But there’s no use for it’s time

For the nightly random quiz show.

First up tonight name my teachers

From Pre-K to grade six

Once I pass that round it’s on to

How many centimeters in a yardstick

Round three involves a tv show

That’s 40 years old.

Name all the Walton children

In order youngest to old.

The final round of the night

Is always the hardest of all

But my brain will not let me rest

Until I’ve answered the call.

Solve the problems in your life

Both major and the small

I lay back in bed and groan

And let out an exasperated sigh

At this rate sleep will come

When the dawning sun is nigh.

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