Question About Organizing Ideas

Today I started taking the numerous story ideas I have in my head and bringing them into the real world. I bought a three-ring binder and some lined paper and am writing down my thoughts and relevant notes about them. The plan is to have each story be a section in the binder with a hard copy of the finished piece, lists of where I’ve submitted them, and other information. I just had a question I was curious about. How do you organize your stories? Are they all on computers or do you like having hard copies as I do? Also, if any of you have other ideas about my binder system you think might help me and would like to share them, it would be much appreciated. I feel like I have jumped two-footed into this whole writing adventure and am trying to stay as organized as I can.

3 thoughts on “Question About Organizing Ideas

  1. I like to have a folder too, which I call ‘My Project Bible.’ As I’m writing a series I have my story plot, then scene break down, all my characters have a C.V, locations I’ve created and as I’m writing a supernatural story I also have a section for beings I’ve created and spells. Hope that helps?

    • Definitely helps. At what point in the creation of your story did you realize you had enough of an idea to write a series?

  2. I kind of created a prologue first. I had an idea for that then realised it wouldn’t work to be the first release and then the idea just grew. I had so much I wanted to include I knew it wouldn’t work in one story.

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