Juggling Characters

I have a confession to make. The past couple of weeks I’ve been feeling somewhat schizophrenic. That isn’t to make light of the condition; it’s merely how I feel. I have three stories kicking around in my brain, and the characters that are exploding into consciousness are all talking to me at once: the old man who is eagerly anticipating a long overdue meeting, an artist being plagued by a dream, and another man searching for something lost many years ago. I find myself wondering if other authors are ever faced with the same situation. Does anyone else find themselves juggling several stories at once within their minds? How do you handle it? Do you try to write all the stories at the same time, like I’m struggling to do, or do you tackle them one at a time start to finish and then move on? Not that I’m complaining, it is a beautiful situation that I find myself in. I feel like every waking moment; I’m creating something new and different. I can feel my imagination stretching in new ways, and I relish every second of it. If this is what it is like to be a writer, I’m never going back.

5 thoughts on “Juggling Characters

  1. I don’t mind when multiple characters are talking. It’s like being with friends. I try to write down what they say so I have it handy when I get around to writing. Years ago, I had 2 characters that I put together in one story. It got lost in the Great Computer Crash of 1994. I switched to Apple and now my writing is saved to a Cloud. My husband even had a dream that he thought would make a good story. It’s on file with all the others. I don’t write fast enough to get all the stories written!

    • They haven’t grown into friends for me yet, for now they are more like a group of kids all trying to talk over each other to win my attention. lol 🤣🤪

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