The Saddest Birthday Cake

I stand with my hands gripping

The edge of the counter

Tears spilling to

The floor.

I can barely look at it

My birthday cake.

Here I am.

First birthday without her

And I stand alone.

No family came to celebrate

No family came to support me

During what is the most

Difficult day so far.

The aching for her

Is unbearable.

My heart cracks again

And sobs fall

From trembling lips.

No lit candles this year.

I am so sad

I am so angry

I am so lonely.

And another year begins.

11 thoughts on “The Saddest Birthday Cake

  1. Happy birthday Meg… I’m sure your mum is looking down & sharing your birthday with you, after all its her special day too – they day she brought you into the world & she would want you to enjoy it however difficult that may be… My wishes are with you ❤

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