The Malfunctioning Goldendoodle

My dog is malfunctioning

I’ve noticed it outside

I don’t know how to describe it

Or if it can be classified.

I throw him the ball, and he runs

And catches up with it.

And then instead of bringing it back

He plops his butt down and sits.

He never brings the ball back

It’s a skill he sorely lacks.

While I’m running back and forth

He just seems to relax.

So it’s time to face the facts folks

Denial cannot be spoken

The poodle in him works just fine

But the retriever is definitely broken.

Emily Dickinson’s Refrigerator — Elan Mudrow


‘Twas the vinegar that tippeth Toward the leftover quiche Oh, lonely empty bottle, recycler boon When sun meets to kiss moon— And mustard, your yellows bold A bit old, but still at play— Mummified lime, plastic lined Awaits blessed water of the fizzy kind— Four salad dressings, Daughters of the virgin oil— Bright Wednesday’s sauce […]

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Light of Masterpieces — High Lumen


What happens when the light touches masterpieces of the present day? “Guardians of Time”, a series of famous sculptures that marked art of our time illuminated in various ways, keeps on watching on mankind since 2006 when the first sculpture was created by remarkable Austrian artist Manfred “KILI” Kielnhofer. Ever since, “Guardians of Time”, travel around the […]

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