The Color of Character Part 5

What’s your stories, Morning Glories? Hope you are all doing well in your neck of the woods. Here’s the fifth character description.  She is an extremely popular singer/performer.

She stands on stage before a gathering of her peers resplendent in gold. From the Virgin Mary-like halo orbiting the long blond curls that hang down her back, to the dazzling gold collar circling her neck, she is every inch the self-made Queen. Adorning her body, is a matching mesh gown that is covered with beaded embellishments that create just enough sparkle to send the jaws of the audience dropping but not too over the top. She has spent her career carefully crafting her look and she knows how to work it to perfection. She looks out at the audience and knows every eye is on her and she looks back on them with gratitude.

So, five down two to go, what has been most surprising about this exercise is the difficulty I’ve had deciding who to describe. It sounded easy when I first started but then I start second guessing my ability to describe them effectively. But that’s what exercises do, I guess, push you into doing what you think you can’t do. Until tomorrow….

Color of Character Part 3

Today’s description is of the infamous kind.


He looks at the camera waving and smiling with a painted white face, big blue triangles over his eyes, and a big, wide, red mouth. The pointy hat sitting on his round head has several colorful pom-poms on it. The colors of the hat match the large red and white striped clown suit he is wearing. Framing his face are several large red ruffled collars that consume any sign of a neck. In one hand is a bunch of colorful balloons while the other is encased in a clean-looking white glove. There is something about his face though, his eyes. There is something that just seems off about this man. Can anyone see inside this man’s blackened and twisted soul?


So, there you have it, number three of seven descriptions. Comment if you wish to, I’d appreciate it.

An Exercise in Character

Last night, while trying to write, I was having difficulty describing a character’s appearance. Trying to figure out ways to improve my descriptions of characters, I thought of an exercise that might help me develop this skill but I need your help. Each day this week, I am going to describe someone famous, it may be a historical figure, an actor/actress, a singer, etc. and I want to see if you can figure out who I am talking about.

The first one is a historical figure who lived during the 1800s.

He looks directly into the camera defiant yet with kindness still in his weary looking eyes. The lines etched in his forehead tell the story of the stress and emotions he has felt during his life. The turmoil of his time in office has been deeply etched into his long angular bearded profile. His lips are set in a determined position. You can almost hear him swear to see his task through to the finish. His age is also seen in the color of his hair and beard. They still have a youthful dark color and yet streaks and strands of gray can be seen. His great responsibility and burden have made him old before his time.

So, please comment below and tell me who you think it is.  I’ll be interested in seeing the reaction to this exercise.