The Color of Character Part 7

So, last day of this exercise, it’s gone pretty quickly and I definitely want to do more in the future. The description is a character from a popular series of comedic motion pictures.

The promotional photograph shows him in front of a British flag. His blue velvet suit almost matches the flag’s hue. The lace at his throat and at his cuffs hang suspended in the air as the picture was taken mid jump.  His shagadelic hair is swept to the side offsetting his thick black glasses that frame his eyes.

Well, that’s it for now on this exercise. Onto something new tomorrow, I’m still not sure yet what that’s going to be so I better go work on that.  Ta ta for now.

The Color of Character Part 6

In honor of the Women’s Marches taking place around the United States, today’s description is of a world famous animal activist and primatologist.

Sitting down her head at an angle she smiles, wrinkles framing her eyes. Her greying hair tied up its usual ponytail so it’s out of her face. A chimpanzee rests its head on her shoulders. Looking at peace but with a vast wisdom in his eyes, he gazes out into the vast unknown. She is as comfortable with him as he is with her. A relationship between species created by her special magic.

I feel a great kinship to this woman because I have an affinity for animals too. As a child of about five years of age, in the winter, I would put birdseed in my mittened hand, hold it out and wait for birds to come eat from it. Usually kids my age wouldn’t have the patience for it but I would be enthralled at the sight of the first bird landing on nearby branches. I would stand as still as I could watching it as it looked me up and down trying to decide if my hand was a safe enough perch for it to land and eat. Feeling its little claws wrap around my finger as he bent down to grab a seed and then then the light push as he took off again made my heart soar as high as they did as they carried the seeds away.

Color of Character Part 4

Ok ladies and gentlemen, today’s character comes from another popular television show that I may or may not be binge-watching this week.


The sun blazes down on him as he walks down the highway. Stumbling past abandoned cars he is always searching for food. Food that is getting scarcer as the weeks go by. The others with him have the same driving want for food. His exposure to the elements has left his business suit in tatters. One sleeve of his jacket has been missing since the attack. His remaining skin has become multicolored; brown from dirt and shades of green and black from decay. A sudden sound makes him turn his head and as he does his jaw swings freely from the one socket that holds it now. The others turn in the direction and he follows. The need to feed is always there but has ability to eat is gone now. He will remain hungry until the rotting corpse he is trapped in decays into a skeleton.

So, you may have guessed by now that I slant towards the horror/sci-fi genre. It began in childhood when I was flipping through our 5 channels and landed on PBS which was airing a British show called “Doctor Who.” For some reason the show just hooked me in one episode. Tom Baker was playing the fourth doctor at the time and he is still my favorite incarnation of the character. I loved the idea of being able to travel anywhere in time and space and just see what life might be like and the idea of extraterrestrial lifeforms has always interested me as well. I’ve written a few horror short stories and I feel that they have come out pretty well. Once I gain enough confidence in my writing, I’m hoping to submit something horror-ish to see how it is received. I guess we will see what the future brings. Sometimes I wish I had a time machine so I could see what my future held for me. Then again not know is sometimes the best part of the process.

Color of Character Part 3

Today’s description is of the infamous kind.


He looks at the camera waving and smiling with a painted white face, big blue triangles over his eyes, and a big, wide, red mouth. The pointy hat sitting on his round head has several colorful pom-poms on it. The colors of the hat match the large red and white striped clown suit he is wearing. Framing his face are several large red ruffled collars that consume any sign of a neck. In one hand is a bunch of colorful balloons while the other is encased in a clean-looking white glove. There is something about his face though, his eyes. There is something that just seems off about this man. Can anyone see inside this man’s blackened and twisted soul?


So, there you have it, number three of seven descriptions. Comment if you wish to, I’d appreciate it.

The Color of Character Part 2

Ok, day two’s famous person is actually a character from a popular television show.


She looks around nervously, her haunted eyes darting every which way at once. Her shaved head makes her stand out from all the other girls around her and she feels very self-conscious. She pulls at the blue jacket a friend gave her to wear over a pale pink dress that is stained with dirt. She is covered with dirt and mud from her recent adventures and she is hungry. She pulls out a reheated waffle from her pocket and takes a bite.

Well, any guesses? Please feel free to leave a comment.


An Exercise in Character

Last night, while trying to write, I was having difficulty describing a character’s appearance. Trying to figure out ways to improve my descriptions of characters, I thought of an exercise that might help me develop this skill but I need your help. Each day this week, I am going to describe someone famous, it may be a historical figure, an actor/actress, a singer, etc. and I want to see if you can figure out who I am talking about.

The first one is a historical figure who lived during the 1800s.

He looks directly into the camera defiant yet with kindness still in his weary looking eyes. The lines etched in his forehead tell the story of the stress and emotions he has felt during his life. The turmoil of his time in office has been deeply etched into his long angular bearded profile. His lips are set in a determined position. You can almost hear him swear to see his task through to the finish. His age is also seen in the color of his hair and beard. They still have a youthful dark color and yet streaks and strands of gray can be seen. His great responsibility and burden have made him old before his time.

So, please comment below and tell me who you think it is.  I’ll be interested in seeing the reaction to this exercise.