New Year’s Beauty

The beauty of New Year’s Eve

Isn’t in the fireworks blazing in

Nighttime skies around the globe.

It’s not in the confetti

Falling like snow

In Time’s Square.

For me, the beauty lies

In the glowing faces

of humanity

Connected in a rare

Moment of unification

All are looking towards the

Upcoming year

With the same hopes and

Promises to make it

Better than the last.

The Humanity

The Humanity.

Taking to the streets again

To March.

Rallying to protect

Families they don’t know

Families from foreign

Places who have been

Separated by inhumane laws.

These marchers are the best

The United States has to offer.

I hope the world realizes that

We are doing what we can

To fight against the

Tide of fascism that

Is growing before our eyes.