I am a Dumbass (According to My Mother)

The other day when I was visiting my mom in the hospital, she had BiPAP on so it was very hard to understand what she was saying. That came back to haunt me today. During my visit today, she started talking about that and how I couldn’t figure out the word “eat” after figuring out the letters “e” and “a.” She went through the whole scenario and then declared me to be a “dumbass.” I knew I heard her correctly but it took me a second to fully process it.

“Did you just call me a dumbass?” I asked her.

She responded by emphatically nodding in the affirmative and then gave me the biggest grin I’ve seen on her face in weeks. It just made me laugh out loud. Then she called my older sister over to her bedside and told her she was in “deep shit” and once again grinned. She was totally playing with us and it was glorious to see that side of her personality again.  Even in her weakened state, struggling to breathe, she still has her sense of humor. That is what I admire most about her, her ability to laugh even in the darkest times of her life. It has gotten her through so much pain and heartache and I am hoping it gets her through this as well. But from now on, I am officially a “dumbass.”


The Waves


The storm blew itself out yesterday

Yet the ocean still bears its mark.

Wave after wave crash over the seawall

As I sit here in my car watching them.

Awestruck by the power the ocean possesses

Flooding the roadway and threatening

Houses across the street.

Looking out as far as the eye can see

Waves undulate and approach.

Sentinel stones bear the weight of

The eternal movement of the ocean.

Hypnotized, I am lost in thought

Until the ocean coldly reminds me

To close the sunroof.

The Beekeeper

I’m thinking of becoming a beekeeper

A good friend said to me.

I asked why she’d want to do that

Build an apiary


There are lots of flowering plants here

A honeybee paradise

That’s a very good idea I said

Very sound and wise


I am kind of hesitant she said

Scared of possible stings

When harvesting the honey

Despite protective clothing


Well I guess there’s only one question to ask

An obvious one to me

And what is that she asked as I smiled and said

To bee or not to bee?