Not Alone

On this day commemorating


My thoughts turn to those

Who are




Beaten down




My thoughts turn to those

Who feel the bitter sting

Of isolation.

I wish I could reach out

And tell them all

How much love in

The world

There is for them.

I wish I could reach out

And give them the

Tenderness and compassion

They are longing for.

To show them that

They are not truly


Surprise Visit

Yesterday my niece and nephew surprised me with a visit. They have been absolutely wonderful during this difficult time. They lost their dad in 2011 and their mom in 2016 and they keep telling me that I was there for them during those times so they are making sure they are there for me during this sorrowful time. The three of us have always been close ever since my sister and her husband adopted them from Russia. They are also close to my mom and losing her is hurting them deeply. To see them doing their best to set that aside to be there for me has moved me beyond words. I just feel so lucky and grateful to have them in my life. They are definitely one of the things that are bringing light to my life right now and pushing the encroaching darkness away.