Same Ocean, Different Time

Alexandra found herself back in her old spot on the point overlooking the ocean. Time had passed so quickly and here she was once again. But it was a completely different situation now. When she was here before the ocean had looked ugly and dark and dreary. It reflected her own life as it had been. Now she stood there as the Queen. No one had seen it coming, least of all her. But the stars had formed a once in an eternity connection and aligned in just the right way. Now the same ocean that had held such dread for her was glimmering and shining just like her future.


The Waves


The storm blew itself out yesterday

Yet the ocean still bears its mark.

Wave after wave crash over the seawall

As I sit here in my car watching them.

Awestruck by the power the ocean possesses

Flooding the roadway and threatening

Houses across the street.

Looking out as far as the eye can see

Waves undulate and approach.

Sentinel stones bear the weight of

The eternal movement of the ocean.

Hypnotized, I am lost in thought

Until the ocean coldly reminds me

To close the sunroof.