Random Quiz Show

I climb into bed and under the covers

And tiredly settle in.

Just as I’m almost asleep

My brain begins to spin

I take deep breaths and try to stop

My thoughts from where they want to go

But there’s no use for it’s time

For the nightly random quiz show.

First up tonight name my teachers

From Pre-K to grade six

Once I pass that round it’s on to

How many centimeters in a yardstick

Round three involves a tv show

That’s 40 years old.

Name all the Walton children

In order youngest to old.

The final round of the night

Is always the hardest of all

But my brain will not let me rest

Until I’ve answered the call.

Solve the problems in your life

Both major and the small

I lay back in bed and groan

And let out an exasperated sigh

At this rate sleep will come

When the dawning sun is nigh.


We stare at the monitors watching

Lines rise and fall.

Hissing machines are breathing for

The impossibly small looking woman

In the bed.

Our hearts skip beats when

We see the extra bumps

On the screen

Those indicate her breathing

Her trying

Her fighting.

And we continue hoping

And praying

And loving her with all we have.


Authors note: It’s strange where I’m finding inspiration during these difficult days spent in my mother’s hospital room. I never thought I would ever write about lines on life support monitor yet that’s what inspired me yesterday. Watching that line wiggle and knowing that meant my mom is still in there and still fighting to come back to her family. Words can’t express what that meant to my heart.

Puzzler of Words

puzzle pieces


I am a puzzler of words

171,476 possible pieces

to put together.

Some will fit. Most won’t.

Corners first as always.

Plot, characters, settings

Form the outline of the bigger image

Piles of words scattered around the table

Pieced together to form scenes,

Descriptions, dialogue.

Oh the questions to be answered

Without a finished image to work from.

The completed image will come

From my imagination.

I am the creator and the solver.

My Elderly Cat Acts Like a Dog

My elderly cat acts like a dog.

It’s perfectly plain to see.

We brought a dog into our home.

Two years ago almost three.

At first the cat he was aloof

Paid no attention at all

To our furry new addition

During that first fall.

Then it was little things

That caught my observant eye

But then those little things became

More obvious as time went by

And now whenever I feed the dog

I hear his croaky meow

  And turn to see him on his chair

 Waiting for his hand out.

 Perhaps it is a piece of beef

Or bacon or maybe ham

But my little cat is insistent

I give him whatever I can.

I ignore the worried look

That appears on my dog’s face

To him it is a contest of attention

And he wants to win the race.

There are other things that happen

That would prove my case

But that’s a story for another time

So watch for that in this blog space.


I jinxed myself the other day

I was stupid and naïve,

I allowed myself to think a thought

That was too good to believe.

Winter it had passed to Spring so

I thought myself out of harm’s way

So control slipped and I allowed

My brain to itself to say

Cold season is over it is done

And I came out intact.

As soon as that thought occurred

The bugger virus attacked!

It started out with a sore throat

Like swallowing broken glass

And I’ve been in bed for days

Waiting for this to pass.

So here I am trying to write

A poem and a rhyme

Cause I’m going stir crazy

And need something to pass the time.

I Closed My Eyes and Saw the Light

I closed my eyes to go sleep

And was startled.

Before me I saw brilliant lights

White flashes lit up my eyelids.

Followed by vistas of the palest blue.

What was this impossibility?

Forcing myself to relax

And not open my eyes.

I fell into the light

And was asleep before I knew it.


This actually happened to me last night and while it was occurring I thought it would make an interesting poem. But then I was in a conundrum. I was half asleep and quite cozy in my bed and didn’t really want to grab my phone to jot down notes. So, I took a chance and hoped I’d remember the incident in the morning. I have lost so many poem, song, and story ideas making this decision. But it’s hard to move when you are so comfortable, it’s the middle of the night, and the lights are so hypnotizing. Obviously I remembered the idea this morning. In fact I was coming downstairs and I had the line “I closed my eyes and saw light” come back to me and I internally I thought, “Yes! I remembered!” Now, I’m not sure what it means that I saw all these lights when I closed my eyes. Maybe neurons firing in a strange way or some other cause. I’ve had similar things happen before, usually it’s pulses of light that appear to move towards me and I feel like I’m moving down a tunnel of some sort. It’s a weird sensation to have as you are going to sleep but it never scares me I just go with it. I’m curious to know if it’s happened to any of my readers. I know I can’t be the only one but I’m wondering how common it is.