The Fireworks

I watch the fireworks reflected in

My child’s wide eyes.

Her mouth gapes open as

The skies alight with

Every color there is to be seen.

The first booms startled her

Arms wrapping around my neck

A little tighter.

Now all she knows is beauty and wonder

And I treasure the sound of her squeals and giggles

On this warm summer night.

First Flight

I have no idea how it survived the drop

The plump little feathered fledgling

Sitting on my porch.

It woke up this morning

In the small nest nestled in the eaves.

Now it sits blinking in the sun.

Suddenly flapping its wings furiously

Trying to catch the breeze

That ruffles its feathers

And lift off.

But only manages to hover a foot and

Lands again.

I hear the parents in a nearby tree

Their sharp chirps ring through

The air.

All at once I am completely


I stare out the window and will it

To take its first flight.

Thoughts on Time

foggy clocktower by osman-rana

Photo by Osman Rana on Unsplash


Time is a curious thing.

It moves along towards

An unknown future in its

Own direction and pace.

Perception of time however

Can, all at once,

Speed it up to a

Blink of an eye

Or slow it to the

Speed of a snail.

The power in the way

We view the world

Around us,

Has the ability to

Change time’s

Tempo and cadence.

Bending and twisting it

To fit our hearts’ needs.

To soothe our aching souls.