Update on My Mother

I just wanted to offer a brief update on my mom. She is still in the hospital after 9 days. She’s gotten better but also had her setbacks which have delayed her coming home. One delay was the fault of the hospital. One of the first antibiotics they gave her for her pneumonia negatively interacted with her blood thinner and she ended up having a blood vessel leak blood and fluid into her right knee which caused tremendous pain and swelling. So, it’s taken a few days for her to be able to walk on that leg again. Today she began having trouble breathing again so the increased her oxygen to 25 liters, at home she has been on 2 liters. So now they have to wait for her to be able to breathe on a lower amount again. I don’t know if I’m explaining this correctly or not. I really don’t understand the whole liters of oxygen thing. Everyone at the hospital wants her to go to rehab and then go home but she is determined to come home. She feels like she will recover faster here and she can have nurses and physical therapists come to the house. But I don’t want to get too ahead of the situation, I don’t even know when they are going to release her with the setback in her breathing today. Please, keep the good thoughts and prayers coming.

Illness Driven Creativity

As of today, I’m slowly crawling back to my daily life. My cold turned into bronchitis and put me in bed for the better part of the weekend. I haven’t wanted to do much of anything except falling asleep watching television. But something weird seems to happen to me when I get sick. When I’m falling asleep, or after I have, my creativity seems to blossom and I come up with some of the craziest story ideas. I’ll return to wakefulness and it’s like a bookshelf of stories waiting to be written. So as I’m recovering from my illness I’ve wrapped myself in a blanket of new characters, ideas, and storylines that are driving my recovery. I’m curious to hear if this happens to any of my readers. Does illness bring a creative burst into your lives as well?