Pleading With My Brain

Brain sit down,

We need to talk

Your routine is getting stale

You’ve kept me awake

For three nights now

Your obnoxiousness

Is beyond the pale.

I crawl into bed

Tired, ready to sleep

And turn out the light with hope

But as soon as I lie down to rest

You firmly tell me “Nope.”

Brain. You start racing, reeling

Running round

The same old things.

So that by morning light

My whole body

Aches and stings.

So today, I’m begging

And pleading

I don’t know what else

To do.

Tonight, can I please

Just sleep

So tomorrow I feel

Fresh and new?

I Closed My Eyes and Saw the Light

I closed my eyes to go sleep

And was startled.

Before me I saw brilliant lights

White flashes lit up my eyelids.

Followed by vistas of the palest blue.

What was this impossibility?

Forcing myself to relax

And not open my eyes.

I fell into the light

And was asleep before I knew it.


This actually happened to me last night and while it was occurring I thought it would make an interesting poem. But then I was in a conundrum. I was half asleep and quite cozy in my bed and didn’t really want to grab my phone to jot down notes. So, I took a chance and hoped I’d remember the incident in the morning. I have lost so many poem, song, and story ideas making this decision. But it’s hard to move when you are so comfortable, it’s the middle of the night, and the lights are so hypnotizing. Obviously I remembered the idea this morning. In fact I was coming downstairs and I had the line “I closed my eyes and saw light” come back to me and I internally I thought, “Yes! I remembered!” Now, I’m not sure what it means that I saw all these lights when I closed my eyes. Maybe neurons firing in a strange way or some other cause. I’ve had similar things happen before, usually it’s pulses of light that appear to move towards me and I feel like I’m moving down a tunnel of some sort. It’s a weird sensation to have as you are going to sleep but it never scares me I just go with it. I’m curious to know if it’s happened to any of my readers. I know I can’t be the only one but I’m wondering how common it is.