The House Wren

The drooping string of Christmas lights hanging from the porch roof makes an excellent perch the little house wren decided. He had been busy flying to and fro working on the nest under the eaves. His little feet grip the plastic wires in between the colored bulbs and he gazes out onto the yard his head moving every which way to scan for danger. He has been busy all morning and is only vaguely aware of the figure behind the window watching him intently. This is his second spring here and he is used to the comings and goings from the house. Last year the hanging plant, sitting on the porch floor, was his favorite perch but he enjoyed the slight swinging motion the light string provided when the warm sunny breeze blew. Suddenly a bit of colored string tangled in the grass catches his eye and with a light motion he pushes off and it’s back to work.

The Diamond Trees

Today was another rainy and cold day where I live. It left me seriously wondering if we are ever to have spring this year. Then, late this afternoon the clouds parted and the sun came out for about half an hour. I seized the opportunity to take my cabin fever afflicted dog outside for a good run. Opening the back door of the barn I was met with the most amazing sight. The heavy dark clouds had parted and, where the sun blazed through, the remaining raindrops that coated the emerging buds glittered and sparkled. There was a light breeze still in the air that made them shimmer like liquid diamonds. Standing there I imagined that precious water infusing life into those buds and helping them to blossom into the long-awaited leaves that will shade me this summer.

Mother Nature Lost the Memo

Dear Mother Nature,

I mean no disrespect

Didn’t you get the memo

Have you even checked?

Your inbox or your voice mail

Wherever it is you look

I think you should search around

In every cranny and nook.

You see spring is around the corner

It’s just around the bend

It’s time for all the snow and ice

To come to its inevitable end.

So why would you do this to us.

What did we do to you?

For you to slam us with three Nor’Easters

In just a week or two.

Longing for Spring


The magic of the first snowfall has given way to weariness,

The snow still has its beauty and charm coating the trees

In marshmallow whiteness.

But I long to see life return to the yard outside my house.

Today I noticed grass appearing as the snow recedes

like waves on a shore.

I feel a sense of hope that Spring is coming.

I just have to be patient.

And ignore the forecast calling for a foot of snow this week.